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Examples of landscaped gardens for better occupancy

  • 08.11.2023

The outdoor space of vacation homes is very important and should be given attention, since guests spend most of their time there.

It is necessary that the outdoor space contains a sufficient number of deck chairs and umbrellas, one large dining table, and of course, a barbecue. Privacy is also very important for guests, so even the fence can look beautiful with a minimal investment. Here are some before and after examples:




If you have enough space, investing in an area for sitting and gathering would be a great idea, which is preferably covered and sheltered from the sun. Probably you have already come across wonderful photos of such spaces covered with a pergola. Believe us, if you decide to invest in something like that, it will be profitable. Photos of such spaces will attract a larger number of guests, and the property will automatically increase in value, and you can raise the accommodation prices.



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