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Best ideas for bedroom makeover

  • 08.11.2023

Rested guest is also happy guest! It doesn't take much to come to that conclusion. It is enough to imagine yourself in the position of a guest. The comfort of the mattress and stability of the bed, are perhaps the most important elements of the accommodation, especially when it comes to holiday homes, where guests stay for a longer time.

Since it is a space for relaxation, in addition to comfort, aesthetics are very important. It is not necessary to invest a lot of money to decorate the bedroom, but it does require a little effort and imagination.:) Nowadays, you have a variety choice of shops nearby, where you can find decorative pillows, blankets, curtains, decorative pictures  or you can order online…It is important that the details are coordinated according to the colors, and in the end you get a space that is "pleasant to the eye", which together with comfort will achieve good reviews.

The following examples show the same bedrooms before and after the makeover. You will notice that in the first photo they have one thing in common, they all look old.


In the eyes of guests, old is equal dirty, no matter how hard you try to clean the space. Of course, this does not include valuable antique details, which are used for decorative purposes.




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